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Customer Questions

Is parking available?
Yes, ample off road parking right outside.

What are the opening hours?
08:30 - 18:30 Monday to Friday
08:30 to 15:30 Saturday

Do you have direct billing facilities?
We are approved by all major health insurance companies. Please ensure that you fully understand your policy and know any excess charges. Sometimes it is more cost effective not to use your insurer.

Do I need a referral from a doctor for other services at the clinic (physiotherapy, podiatry, etc)?
No referral needed although it is always good to involve your GP with any private treatments you are having and report their effectiveness.

You can pay by credit or debit card, cash or cheque (sorry no American Express).


What happens if I am late?
All of our staff do their best to run to time and keep to their schedules. If you are late your appointment time or treatment time will be shorter.

What do I need to bring with me?
X-rays and other imagery (MRI, CT etc), any other relevant medical reports from specialists, list of medications and results of previous blood tests etc.

What do I wear for my treatment?
If you are having physiotherapy treatment loose comfortable clothing is advised. The therapist will need to accurately see and move the part of the body that is requiring treatment. For example if the knee is been treated it is advisable to bring some shorts with you. Your privacy is respected at all times.



Customer Comments

I’ve had issues with my back and hip for about 8/9 years now and over this time I’ve seen many (and I mean many) therapists, a variety of chiropractors; massage therapists; medical professionals; osteopaths; acupuncturists etc and as much as I’ve enjoyed lots of them and found some relief, I’ve never really felt like they were helping as much as I always hoped they would.

Since seeing Mark I have been able to start running again (first time since the hip issues 8/9 years ago) and am able to comfortably do 30minutes, 3 times a week. I’m delighted! As much as I know I will not be cured, Mark has the ability to really listen to me but also pick up from my body what I don’t know. The results have been great and I’m really pleased. I think he’s really knowledgeable, helpful and like his holistic approach to things.

Best wishes, Maria

Recently I received an award for Achievement in History at the Newmarket Academy KS4 Awards Evening. I am writing to thank you for sponsoring the award, which was gratefully received, especially and it is a subject that I particularly enjoy. Thank you again for the sponsorship.

Yours sincerely, Charlie Davis

Thank you so much for sponsoring the awards at the Key Stage 4 awards evening, in particular for sponsoring my ‘Effort in History’ award. Happy memories from my time at Newmarket Academy will stay with me forever and so our awards evening was a fantastic chance to catch up with old friends and teachers whilst celebrating our successes and achievements. Even though I have now moved on to study for my A levels at Sixth Form, I hope that you continue to support our local school that, I for one, am so proud and grateful for. Thank you once again for sponsoring this evening.

Kind Regards, Charlotte Parker

Before being fitted for, and receiving, my new orthotics, I would walk only a few miles with pain that felt like glass. The pain would radiate up my toes and into my legs. On holidays we would have to make extra arrangements to pay for transportation to avoid a day of tears related to my feet. This always frustrated my poor husband who loves to just walk the streets from site to site on trips.

However, after receiving my orthotics, all has changed. I was recently able to walk 10 miles on a hike in one day in leather boots with no pain whatsoever. I switched shoes later in the day to walk even more with the same satisfaction. It's been amazing to feel the difference. It's not only saved my feet but also has preserved marital bliss. Best purchase I've ever made.

Kind Regards, Lola

I was at my wits end with lower back pain, I had tried everything from massage chiropractors sports massage remedial massage osteopathy, I had also been for an MRI which showed nothing abnormal. The pain was intense on my left side, and would cause numbness to travel down the back of my leg into my foot, (with no answers and ready to give up my love for cycling through the pain) A cyclist friend recommended I see Bruce, thank goodness I took his advise, as, when taking my medical history I explained that I had a Hiatus Hernia, and also suffered with constipation badly,Bruce recognised the problem, and it wasn't all down to my back my gut was the main issue, after 4 treatments and sticking to a strict cycling regime and flexibility exercises Bruce set me, I feel so much better the pain has reduced week by week, today I was told things have come along so well that I now only need the occasional appointment to keep things healthy. Anyone facing similar problems make an appointment go see Bruce, Top Man
Keen competitive Road Cyclist 49 yr old lady

Rob Just to let you know I did it! 5hrs 30 mins of running. Thank you for getting me sorted (ankle and knee) so I could participate. I thought I was going to have to pull out but you managed to fix me and I am truly grateful. Thanks & see you soon.
Rob, 24 Apr 16 - London Marathon

I have had around five years of discomfort in both knees, which has became progressively worse. It ultimately stopped me doing all the things I love most (running, cycling, climbing, dancing, skiing), but of more concern to me, it was impacting on my work. I am an Antarctic meteorologist and I work in Antarctica for six months of the year, so it is essential that I remain active and strong. I tried physiotherapy and acupuncture with no success and finally had a consultation with a knee surgeon. MRI scans showed everything to be in tact so the surgeon referred me to Bruce at Derby Cottage. After three sessions I have been running for the first time in 18 months, and it felt absolutely incredible! Bruce's knowledge and expertise appears endless. I now feel total confidence, that with Bruce's help I will be able to make a full recovery and will be working and playing hard for many years to come. Thank you so much Bruce and Derby Cottage!
Thanks very much, Rosey - Sep 14

I wasn't sure whether to go ahead with more physio after 18 months of non-stop pain in my right knee. I had been to many others, who despite their best efforts, couldn't relieve my pain. Since having started treatment with Guy, I have to say that my pain has decreased substantially. I now feel that I may still be able to get back to an active lifestyle... with any luck!
Kyle - Jan 14

Wasn’t sure about orthotics – but the pain in my knee stopped almost immediately. Highly recommended.
Carolyn 10/7/13

I trained Joe this morning - his movement pattern was amazing and he said he felt brilliant! His comment was you were magical - just nice to get good feedback - a job really well done! Thank you - makes my job with him much easier!
Kind regards, Rose

I first started running in 1997 and immediately suffered with shin splints. At the time I was running in cross trainers so not a complete surprise! However I did go to a running shop in London, as we lived in surrey at the time, and was fitted with stability shoes. These made some difference, but still did not allow me to run pain free. I therefore decide to get a gait analysis and biomechanics check with a podiatrist. I was made personalised orthotics using plaster casts of my lower legs. From then on I ran pain free for many years. However soon enough I discovered orthotics do not last forever! When I started triathlons in 2004 the orthotics were ok, but after my training increased and I started middle distance in 2007, which involved running half marathons I knew i needed new orthotics as the shin splints were starting to reappear and I was starting to get other aches and pains in my feet. The first lady I saw decided I would need orthotics, but she would make me a Trial pair first to see what support I would need. These were made of cardboard and foam! Needless to say they were next to useless. However I did persevere, but in the end I had had enough and decided to try again. This time I went for a full biomechanics assessment including standing on pressure pads to see which parts of my feet need most correction and running on a contact mat which recorded my foot strike pattern. They were rather expensive, but the orthotics they produced looked impressive, no cardboard here! However in every day use they caused more not less blisters and pains in my feet. No shin splints though. I then spoke to Bruce regarding my options. He was happy to make me new orthotics after watching me run/walk around the clinic and outdoors. He also assessed my stance at rest and tried several mock orthotic moulds before being happy that this would work. I have now been using these orthotic for the last 4 years. They have needed refurbishing twice, but I have increased my training to marathon running, so they have certainly been put through their paces. I am happy to say that these orthotics have been great!

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